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Online Casinos for Australian Pokies & Blackjack Tournaments

In online casino games it is the player on one side and the online casino on the other. There is no interaction between the players themselves. Online casino tournaments provide this interaction by getting players to compete against each other. Prizes are awarded to the winners and also bragging rights in the bigger events.

Featured Tournaments

Name Prize Pool Start Time
THE ACCUMULATOR$AU50031 Mar 2017 11:00:00 PMPlay Now
€1k '3-Day' Survivor$AU1,0002 Apr 2017 11:10:00 PMPlay Now
€3k '3-Day' Survivor$AU3,0001 Apr 2017 12:10:00 AMPlay Now
24H Wins Sunday Sizzler$AU5001 Apr 2017 10:00:00 PMPlay Now
24H Wins Saturday Sizzler$AU50031 Mar 2017 10:00:00 PMPlay Now
€20,000 Monthly Monster$AU20,00023 Apr 2017 11:00:00 PMPlay Now
€10,000 Midweek Moolah$AU10,0503 Apr 2017 11:00:00 PMPlay Now

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How Online Casino Tournaments Work

All players pay the same entry fee to participate in the tournament. They are given a starting chip stack of the same amount. They have to play on the same casino game, usually an online pokie, for the same period of time. The objective is to maximise the chip balance. At the end of the online casino tournament the players are ranked on a leader board according to the descending order of their final chip count. A designated number of the top players on the leader board share the prize pool in a manner prescribed in the tournament rules. The chip stack given to you is play money and you do not take home the chip balance you are left with. Your liability is limited to the entry fee and you only take home the prizes that you may win.

The schedule of the online casino tournaments is announced in advance. A tournament may be held over a day or a week or longer. You may be allotted say 15 minutes of wagering time. This means that you can log in any time during the tournament period and use your given 15 minutes. The tournaments have a running leader board to show the current rankings of those players who have completed participation.

Types of Online Casino Tournaments

Online casino tournaments can be classified in different ways. Whereas most of the tournaments would require an entry fee, there are some that do not. This type of online casino tournament is known as a freeroll. Usually freerolls have much smaller prizes and are meant for new players to learn the ropes. Some Australian online casinos also offer grander freeroll tournaments during festive periods.

An important way of classifying online casino tournaments is according to the nature of the prize pool. In guaranteed prize pool tournaments the amount that will be distributed as prizes is fixed. If the online casino recovers a lower amount by way of entry fees then it makes good the difference. If the online casino recovers more than the prize pool it retains the surplus. The other type of prize pool is where players vie for the pot collected. The entire total of the entry fees collected is distributed as prizes according to a specified percentage.

Then there are single level and multi-level online casino tournaments. The single level tournaments are played exactly in the manner described above. In multi-level tournaments a designated number of leader board toppers proceed to the next level, whereas the others are eliminated. Online casino tournaments may have two, three or more levels.

Popular Casino Software For Playing Casino Tournaments

Microgaming is the most popular software provider for playing online casino tournaments. It regularly hosts daily, weekly and monthly tournaments in online pokies according to schedule given in advance. Players at any of the Australian online casinos powered by Microgaming can participate in these events. You log in at the online casino, select Tournaments from the Games Menu and will see the complete list of tournaments. You can check out the particulars for each and register for the ones that you want to.

Microgaming has a selection of online pokies on which it hosts its tournaments. These are among the most popular pokies in its portfolio and new ones are converted to tournament format from time to time. These pokies provide information on the screen that is valuable to the player. This includes the chip count, the time left and the leader board position of the player. These enable the player to decide whether he needs to take greater risks or can play conservatively to maintain his position.

Microgaming also introduces advanced features in the online casino tournaments. Re-buys allow you to start the tournament from scratch at the cost of a fee. Add ons allow you to pay a fee and buy more chips to add to your existing score.